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Farm Insurance Information

Chillicothe Farm InsuranceLocal Farm Insurance Agency serving Chillicothe, Hillsboro, Circleville and Surrounding Areas.

Donahue-Stangle-Brown Insurance Agency has been serving farmers in the Chillicothe, Ohio area since 1948.  We are an independent insurance agency.  What is an independent agency?  This means that we represent more than one company and work independently.  This allows us to best serve our clients and to place your farm insurance with a company that meets your insurance requirements at the best price, without sacrificing coverage.  We offer competitive farm insurance rates with the best farm insurance companies in the industry. 

While farms need the standard types of insurance that other businesses need, such as property insurance and general liability coverage, they also need insurance that is specifically related to the business they run...a farm.  Our companies offer many coverage options along with flexibility to customize your farm insurance policy to your needs. 

 Farm Insurance Farm Insurance
Insure your home and farm with a comprehensive policy to cover everything from the dwelling and personal property to liability. 
 Farm Structures Insurance Farm Structures Insurance
Protect your grain bins and other farm structures against potential loss to the buildings and property that make up the foundation of your farm business.
 Farm Equipment Insurance Farm Equipment Insurance
It takes a lot of specialized equipment to run a farm. From tractors to irrigation equipment, trailers to combines, these complicated expensive machines are fundamental to a farm’s ability to operate properly, efficiently and successfully. Equipment insurance for the vehicles and machines on the farm will allow for reimbursement for certain losses and damages and can help keep you operational.  These items can be insured on either a scheduled or blanket form.
 Farm Auto Insurance  Farm Auto Insurance
Insure your personal farm truck to your livestock trailer, equipment trailer, semi trucks and trailers you rely on to transport your equipment, livestock and grain.
 Crop Insurance Crop Insurance
Some farms make all or most of their profits through the crops that they grow. When a disaster, such as a tornado, wildfire or flood strikes and the crops they depend on are devastated, crop insurance can reimburse them for the losses they face. Before buying crop insurance, it's vital that farmers submit an accurate representation of the planted acreage they have per unit. Should they underreport, they may not be reimbursed for all losses they could realistically experience.
 Livestock Insurance Farm Livestock Insurance
Livestock insurance is a multifaceted type of coverage with several different policy options. For example, farm owners can buy coverage for specific activities such as their livestock's transit or for auction market coverage; they may buy coverage for specific animals such as poultry coverage or pasture and dairy cattle coverage; or they may buy mortality insurance for animals with an especially high value to the farm such as a stud.
 Equine Farm Insurance Equine Insurance
Insure the value of your equine investment against financial loss due to injury, loss of use, and death.  Secure coverage for your horse boarding - including Care, Custody and Control, horse stables, horse shows and events. 
 Farm Pollution Insurance Farm Pollution Insurance
Fuel spills, chemical spills, chemical drift, dust and other pollution incidents are not uncommon on a farm. With our pollution insurance, you can clean up the damage, be reimbursed for the value of destroyed property, and get your daily farming operations back on track.

 Insurance Agency has been serving local farmers around the Chillicothe, Waverly, Bainbridge, Washington Court House and Circleville areas since 1948.  We have a specialized farm program for the small hobby farms all the way up to large farms around Ohio.  
We specialize in personal, face to face customer service with our farmers.  We offer free farm insurance reviews, even if you aren't our customer.  If you would like to talk to one of our farm insurance professionals, please call our office at 740-998-5544 or 937-981-2272.  You can also email your questions and an agent will respond promptly.

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